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Making STEM Approachable Through Story Telling 

STEM concepts can be difficult and boring to young children. How do you keep their attention? By incorporating STEM concepts into fun, character based stories relatable to children you can keep them interested and engaged in learning.

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Boon-dah stories are excellent, imaginative, educational reading for children entering elementary school grades K and pre-K through 4th grade."

Hands on Learning that will teach children different ways to solve problems.  They will enjoy experimenting and be excited to see their success. 

Recommended for school grades pre-K through 4th grade.

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We offer many interactive and hands on activities for fun educational childhood learning. Play the interactive game to see if you can make electricity. Different environmental conditions will give you a clue on which prototype you should build. Recommended for school grades pre-K through 4th grade.

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Our physical products like books and DIY kits can be found on Etsey and our WebShop.  Digital and print content can be found on TPT. We also sell digital and print content on Etsy through our bundled offerings.

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