EMPOWER Children to Learn Through Storytelling!

The BOON-dah Leaning System includes a physical story/workbook, hands-on DIY kit, and a complete digital interactive platform that supports the stories.

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All products work individually and as a group 

"The content aligns with many science standards (renewable and non-renewable sources) for our grade level and even goes beyond (the concept of a circuit). I also appreciate the activities in the back of the book which related not only to the content area but literature."

– Ms. Monika Moorman, NBCT Central Park Elementary

Our Stories

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Story Based Workbooks

Boon-dah stories are excellent, imaginative, and educational for children. The workbook contains fun writing activities along with kid-friendly projects that children will love.


Hands-on Learning

that will teach

children different ways to

solve "real-world" problems.

They will enjoy experimenting

and be excited to see their success. Watch the included narrated story first to understand the concept. 


Interactive and hands on activities for fun educational childhood learning. Play the interactive game to solve "real-world" problems and learn which prototype to build.  


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