BOON-dah's Mission & Vision


Explain inventions to elementary school children through stories that integrate imagination with science and technology.


To build an exciting platform that can be used by parents and educators to help develop and grow the type of creativity and curiosity our kids need to become tomorrow’s inventors.

At this point you might wonder what is the meaning of BOON-dah?

Well, this mystery word is completely made up by me and here is what it means:



Interjection | boon·dah | \ bün·dä \

Definition of boon-dah

  1. used as an exclamation to express triumph upon a discovery or invention

  2. also used as an exclamation to express an idea to solve a problem


  • Thomas Edison had a boon-dah moment when he invented the right filament for his light bulb.

  • My daughter had a boon-dah moment when she had an idea to make a device that removes the shells from pistachios.

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