• Isha Harshe

Fun Indoor Activities For Kids

Whether it is a rainy day outside or you are staying safe at home, being stuck inside the house does not have to mean being bored! Here are some activities you can do with your kids to excite your gloomy day!

Masterpiece Mania

Get out the construction paper, paint, beads – and make a masterpiece! Draw a family portrait, make a bracelet with colorful beads, or revisit old memories by making a scrapbook together.

You can also explore different types of crafts such as origami, which requires a minimal amount of supplies. Let the creative juices flow and create something with your child that you will both be proud of!

Family Night

Being at home is a great opportunity to spend time with family, but it doesn’t always have to be such a headache! Instead, host a family game night! Bring out your inner actor/actress when playing charades or Heads Up.

Set up a board game around the table or teach your kids your favorite childhood card game. Brainstorm questions and play “Would you rather?” or a “Who knows me the best?” game.

Take on the challenge of a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle together. If you are looking for a relaxed night in, make it a movie night! Revisit those Disney classics or find an interesting documentary to watch.

Virtual Tours

Were you planning a nice road trip to Yellowstone this summer? Don’t worry, you can still see the beautiful nature scenery at home by taking a virtual tour!

Many national parks and museums are now offering virtual tours. If there were some faraway places that were sitting out of your budgets, such as the Louvre or Mars, just take a virtual tour. Find a destination you were looking forward to visiting and see if they offer any virtual tours.

Taking a virtual tour can also help you select where you want to visit for a future vacation.

Interactive Games

If you're going to play inside, why not play and learn at the same time! Try playing fun learning activities with them.

According to Whitby play is far more powerful for children many parents even realize. It’s actually the key to learning. Researchers and educators across the world have found that play can help enrich learning and develop key skills such as inquiry, expression, experimentation, and teamwork.

Playing interactive games like the Interactive Boon-day Learning System. Play the interactive game to see if you can make electricity! This a great way to enjoy time at home while also helping develop your little one's critical thinking skills through STEM education concepts.

Make A Indoor Fort

Set up camp inside the house by pitching a small tent inside and decorating it with pillows, lanterns, string lights, and more! Or test your architectural skills by building a fort out of your sofa cushions and blankets.

Did you ever wonder what a Hogwarts room would look like? Here is your chance to find out. Let your child’s imagination run free when decorating and let them create a world of their own.

In the kitchen

The kitchen can be a big part of the fun as well! Get your child interested in cooking by letting them help make dinner. Turn items in the pantry into a scavenger hunt by having them look for what you need, just make sure to give them some clues.

Let them stir in the ingredients or watch the cake rise in the ovens. For a healthy alternative, let your kids pick out which fruits will go into the smoothie. Together, you can find recipes that you all love!

Fun Activities For Indoors

There are so many different ways you can have fun with your kids at home. The best way to learn is by having fun while you do it! Pick an activity out and start enjoying more time with your kids at home.

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