• Isha Harshe

Fun STEM Activities for Kids

Kids are curious creatures and it’s important to keep stimulating their curiosity to learn about the world. Doing STEM activities together is a great way to teach your kids about the world with much awe and excitement.

Here are a few activity ideas that focus on different aspects of STEM education.

S Is for Science

You don’t need a fancy laboratory to do cool science experiments. Many experiments can be done using simple household items.

For example, learn about the water cycle by making it in a bag.

Make a cloud in a jar to show your kids that clouds are not just cotton balls. If you’re still fascinated by the sky, check out how to make crystal suncatchers.

Back down on earth, you can test out whether certain objects in your house are magnetic or not and record them on this worksheet.

Remember watching those classic volcano experiments on TV shows? Why don’t you try making your own volcano that actually erupts! 

T Is for Technology

Technology isn’t just for the big kids and doesn’t just mean extra screen time. You can start teaching your child basic forms of code such as Morse code and use it as a secret language between you two. You can make your own spy decoder and then write secret messages to each other, using the decoder to find out what each message means. 

Do you have a mini photographer in the house? Then, they will definitely enjoy creating stop-motion animation videos (and keep playing them for you!) with different toys and objects from around the house. 

E Is for Engineering

Now, here is where you can get some real hands-on learning. Engineering is all about building, and there are so many different structures you can make with different objects.

Build a bridge with household items and then test it with your toy cars. Get out the Legos and build a house or ship or airplane. You can also build your own catapult with popsicle sticks.

If you want to knock some pigs over, try out this real-life Angry Birds game. 

How about going outside and learning about how the sun and water can make electricity? Utilize this fun DIY kit to make electricity with your kids!

Looking for a tasty treat? How about “Edible Engineering”? Make pyramids and cubes using marshmallows and pretzels. Bake gingerbread and fashion a sturdy gingerbread house. You can even get creative and use gingerbread to make different structures as well, such as a car or a castle.

M Is for Mathematics

Math always seems to get a bad reputation for kids in school, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Teach your kids numbers and counting by having a sticky note number match.

Set up a scavenger hunt around the house by grouping items together and asking your child to find groups of three, four, five, etc. items around the house. 

Practice arithmetic using Math Fact Jenga.

Teach fractions using pizza cards (or even real pizza). Learn those multiplication tables by building a function machine out of a milk carton. 

Building strong foundations in mathematics at a young age is essential for future success, especially when your child reaches middle and high school level math classes.

Disguising math into fun activities such as the ones above helps kids solidify their math concepts. 

Putting It All Together: STEM

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics all go hand-in-hand in the real world, so it’s also important to find activities that put all of those concepts together.

Boon-Dah’s STEM Series is one such activity where your child can learn and apply STEM concepts in an easy-to-understand, yet interesting, manner! 

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