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Fun Water Activities For Kids

Fun Water Activities For Kids

Water fascinates people of all ages with its unique and versatile properties. Playing with water is a great activity for tactile learners and provides a cool break from the monotonous learning routine. There are many different easy, engaging, and entertaining one can do with water. 

Water Crafts

For the creative kid, there are many arts and crafts and fun DIY ideas that involve water and minimal supplies needed.

You can build boats that float out of sponges, water bottles, or milk cartons. Decorate and color your boat however you want – but make sure it doesn’t become so heavy with decorations that it sinks! Your little one will have fun floating these in the sink or neighborhood pond. 

You can make “colored glass” using food coloring, water, balloons, and your freezer. Then spray these colorful gems with water to see all the colors mix together! 

Make a water wall using pipes, swimming noodles, and different containers. Get imaginative and make a maze out of your water tunnels. Pour some water from an opening at the top, and see where it ends up at the bottom. You can even have multiple openings at the top and race to see where the water comes out from first!

Fun learning water activities for kids

Water Games

You can’t think about having fun with water without a good water balloon fight! But have you ever had a sponge ball fight? They are just as fun as water balloons but without the plastic mess! 

Water balloons can also be used in a variety of other games such as Angry Birds with chalk, or a water balloon and spoon race. Spice up childhood games such as tag by using water guns to “tag” each other. 

Is your child always up for a challenge? Then try jumping rope with a glass of water in their hand. How wet will they get? 

If you are looking to cool off in the pool, then why not add some scrabble into the mix? Write some letters onto sponges and then throw them into the pool. Try to make as many words out of those letters in the pool as you can.

You can also practice words with water balloon phonics by setting up letter targets and writing letter combinations on water balloons. Then, your child has to toss the balloon to the letter that would create a word. 

Learning Activities with Water

Water is an important compound in science, and there are so many different concepts your child can explore with water. Try piercing a water-filled bag with pencils or send off a water bottle rocket. Create the water cycle in a bag, a jar, or a mini terrarium.

For the engineer or builder, create a water wheel using paper cups and plates or a water dam using Legos

Boon-Dah’s STEM kits include water activities that serve as learning opportunities. Generate electricity with water using the Flowing kit or create a trickler-sprinkler for your plants with the Growing kit!

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