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Hot Day Activities for Kids

Hot Day Activities for Kids

Sunny days are great, but sometimes it can get too hot to have fun in the sun. Luckily, there are still many different activities you can do with your kids to help them cool off and stay active and entertained. 


What’s the opposite of fire? You got it, ice! Then, what better way is there to cool off on a hot day than to play with ice?

Make a cool art project by freezing paint into cubes and then melting the paint onto a canvas. For the Elsa and Anna fans, you can make frozen fractal ice sculptures or try your hand at making Elsa’s frozen hand.

Maybe your child isn't a fan of Disney princesses? Then, how about a Lego Excavation Experiment? For those who love foraging for flowers in the garden, this frozen flower activity is perfect!

And of course, how can we have summer fun without tasty treats? Create your own gummy bear popsicles to help you and your child cool off on a hot summer day. 

Outdoor activites for kids to learn and have fun

Make Some Shade

Sometimes it is just too hot to go outside, but staying indoors can be boring for some kids on a bright sunny day. So why not change up the scenery a little bit? Make your own fort or teepee using materials from around the house.

This will create a new, fun area for your child to play in. Building and decorating the fort will also help pass the time by even quicker. There are so many different materials you can use, including newspapers and cardboard. Is your child up for a challenge? See if they can get out of an indoor obstacle course in record time!

Bust Out Those Toys … Or Make New Ones!

Building toys is just as much fun as playing with them, and they are also much more affordable because they use simple materials.

Do you have a stack of shoeboxes piling up? Turn them into a shoebox dollhouse for your child’s dolls and figurines. Why stop at a house, when you can create an entire village made of paper? One of the best things about these activities is that you can embrace your child’s imagination and let it run wild.

Now that they have built a place to live for their toys, they need transport! Create a balloon-powered car or a launch into space with these straw rockets. Need some more entertainment? Create your own shoebox foosball game, which can be enticing to even the older ones. Remember trying to create the biggest bubble? How about giving that a twist by creating a bubble snake maker

Activites for kids on a hot day

Hot Day Activities

Water activities are another great way to cool off on a hot day. The Flowing kit is a fun water activity with a science lesson attached to it, showing how water can be used to generate electricity. What better way to have fun than to also learn from it as well!

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