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Top Free Resources for Teachers

Top free Resources for teachers

With an uncertain school year ahead, teachers are facing the challenge of how to provide quality education to all of their students, both inside and outside of the classroom. In order to relieve teachers of some of their stress, we have compiled some resources to help them teach their students in both the physical and virtual classroom. 

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans are the core foundation of every class, and it's essential so teachers have a plan for every class to go smoothly. Quality content for different subjects can be found at websites such as Common Sense Media, Education World, Everfi, PBS Learning Media, the NSTA, Scholastic Teachers, and Teacher Created Resources.

The following websites provide teaching content for specific subjects:

Supplemental Videos

In an increasingly digital age, much of learning happens through videos. Showing videos in the classroom can be a fun way to break up the lecture and allows the teacher to step back and relax while the students watch the video.

Fun animation in the videos grabs the students’ attention and helps them solidify their understanding of a concept as they see different examples which help to explain the topic.

Some websites that create great educational videos include Ted-Ed, the SciShow (and SciShow Kids), Crash Course, and Khan Academy

resources for teachers

Recording Videos

One of the biggest challenges for the upcoming school year will be recording classes for students who opt for distance learning, as this is a situation most teachers will not have faced before.

Luckily, ItsMissLane has shared her top three pieces of equipment for distance learning which can help make recording videos much more successful and convenient for teachers. 

You can also make your own animated videos using PowToon, so that you can use your own examples and focus on topics of your choice!

Interactive Games 

Interactive games are an important aspect of making learning enjoyable and teaching successful.

However, with some students online and some students in person, it can be hard to brainstorm interactive teaching ideas that can be applicable for both. However, there are some online interactive quiz and game sites that can make learning fun for all students, such as Kahoot!, Quizlet Live, and iCivics

Kids learning from stem education

Interactive Steam Education

You can also use the BoonDah interactive games and eBooks in your classroom to help explain STEM concepts in an easy and entertaining manner! 

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