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(Pumpus has a Flowing Idea) Interactive STEM video, activities, and quizzes Add-on


This package can be used alone or as an Add-on to (Pumpus has a flowing idea) Interactive Story Bundle.

It includes a learning video multiple STEM based activities through interactive web links, interactive Google files, and printable material. Assessment quizzes are also included to round out the lessons.


This story series makes STEM concepts approachable for children through storytelling paired with technology. By utilizing a variety of platforms, from books to interactive digital products, teaching STEM concepts becomes fun and meaningful!

We offer many interactive and hands on activities for fun educational childhood learning. Play the interactive game to see if you can make electricity. Different environmental conditions will give you a clue on which prototype you should build. We are also including assessment quizzes to help complete the lessons.  Recommended for school grades pre-K through 4th grade


Links to all content are in the purchased interactive PDF document.

Web links will take you directly to the interactive activity. (no sign in or download needed)

Google file links (activities and quizzes) will ask you to download a copy of the activity to your Google drive.

Print activities and content are in the purchased document.


Try the Electricity Circuit Game at this location.



Interactive and Print Activities

These activities are a fun and educational way to learn about STEM.

Lets make a Circuit
Conductor or Insulator

STEM Worksheets


3. Assessments

There are two multiple choice quizzes with pictures for visual reference. The Google quiz versions are interactive and self grading. There are print versions as an option in this document. 

(Pumpus has a Flowing Idea) Interactive STEM video, activities, and quizzes

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