Pumpus has a Glowing Idea Workbook and STEM Activities

Pumpus has a Glowing Idea Workbook and STEM Activities

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Pumpus has a Glowing Idea Workbook and STEM Activities

This story series makes STEM concepts approachable for children through storytelling.


Pumpus Has a Glowing Idea is an inspiring story recommended by the NSTA (National Science Teaching Association) for kids ages 4-9. Pumpus' limitless creativity and imagination will inspire budding young inventors to imagine their own ways to solve real-world problems. Children will discover the problems and solutions together. Our workbook teaches them how to navigate a hiking trail, what markers to look for and what to bring on their next adventure.

1. Read the story


2. Workbook Activities
We are including ELA work sheets that are fun and educational exercises designed to test reading comprehension. They will challenge students writing skills and creativity. 

3. Learn about outdoor adventure

There are six pages that teach and prepare you for your next outdoor adventure. Learn how to read a map and compass. What should you put in your backpack?Do you know how to follow a trail while hiking?


4. Glowing Idea Quiz (Assessment)
There are ten multiple choice questions with multiple pictures for visual reference.



There is also a less expensive digital option available.


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