Pumpus has a Growing Idea DIY Kit and Video Story


This kit works great with our Story and Stem Digital bundle.

This product includes a link to the video version of the story.


Hands on Learning that will teach children how to grow three different plants. (Sunflower, Pumpkin, and Lima bean) Engineer a drip irrigation system and develop a love of botany and physics!  Set up the planter pots, then grow your own plants. Explore the science of irrigation and the different ways that people put water to work. Your child or students will enjoy experimenting and be excited to see their success.


The Boon-dah BOX comes with everything they need to grow three different plants and includes a BONUS drip irrigation experiment that your kids will love. This package also includes beautifully illustrated instructions that they will enjoy reading. 


Watch and Read the Story
We are providing a watch and read along version of the (Pumpus has a Growing Idea) story.

A link to the video is in your Box. Please use this as a companion to the DIY kit.

Pumpus has a Growing Idea DIY Kit and Video Story

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