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Flowing Bundle: Pumpus has a Flowing Idea! Workbook and STEM Activities

The stories use fun characters that keep children engaged and inspire them to learn more!

The story design is based on a research framework that makes learning accessible to ALL learners, i.e., Visual, Auditory, and Experiential.


Children learn actual concepts and introductory principles through Stories, Workbook Activities, Hands-on Projects, and Interactive Digital Content.



  • Hands-on project to teach your child about electricity and basic electric circuit concepts.

  • Learn alternate ways to make electricity.​

  • Hands-on projects that will introduce children to solving real-world problems.

  • Digital App: Engage your children in different ways to listen, read, interact, and watch the story. 


Beautifully illustrated! I love that the author took the time to include all the scientific points in a way a child could understand (you'd be surprised how hard that is) and the instructions on how to build the little machine! My 8 year-old is already starting to plan to make her own in the steam behind our house!

Jada - Parent

It has a great story-line and it teaches! My son was really excited about the story and now we have a new project to do. I am looking forward to reading more of these books.

Cierra - Parent

Found this story a great intro into science. My grandson couldn’t wait to get to the end and try and make light on his own. Definitely going to look for more Pumpus stories.

Georgene - Grandparent

...full of scientific ideas that are quite sophisticated and would go along well with an electricity unit even in an older classroom...thumbs up.  

Ms. Vroom - Teacher

National Science Teaching Association (NSTA)

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Help your child discover a lifelong love for engineering and tinkering!

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