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Schools and Homeschools

Whether learning STEM at schools or being homeschooled, Boon-dah is here to support children ages 5-10, to learn solve real-world problems through stories.

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Teacher Reviews

Very creative and engaging!

Mrs. Monika A. Smith

Elementary STEM and PE teacher

Highlands Christian Academy

Pompano Beach, FL 

My students loved the book and activity. I found it much easier to teach them since we have the book to go along with it and show the students what each part was and how it is used.

Ms. Brielle Carabetta

STEAM Teacher, Grades 2-5

Millstone Township Elementary, NJ

My students enjoyed following the story and learning how to create the motorized propeller.

Ms. Misty Burgueño

3rd Grade ELD Teacher

Lynn Urquides Elementary

Teacher Tech Liason 

Tucson, AZ

...full of scientific ideas that are quite sophisticated and would go along well with an electricity unit even in an older classroom...thumbs up.  

Ms. Elizaberh Vroom - Teacher

National Science Teaching Association (NSTA)

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