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Learn to Code with micro:bit to Make a Compass, Effortlessly!
Help Pumpus find his Way to the Campsite using the smart Compass!

Your child will love using the micro:bit and learn to code with Pumpus 'n' Pals.

Your child with learn to solve "real-world" problems. 

Our step-by-step Interactive Learning Platform will help your child create your first code to make a Night Lamp. 

Create your second code to make a Compass.

Animated instructions will help you get your micro:bit setup.



Why Children Should Learn to Code at an Early Age:

  • Children learn quicker at an early age.

  • The brain is plastic during the early years.

  • Coding helps teach Digital Literacy.

  • Encourages persistence.

  • Coding is an Investment for Your Child's Future.

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30 million children are learning with the micro:bit worldwide.

micro:bit Foundation

6 million micro:bit devices are in 60 countries.

micro:bit Foundation

90% of students said micro:bit showed them anyone can code

micro:bit Foundation

70% of girls said they would choose computer science as a subject 

micro:bit Foundation

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Inspire Your Child to Transform the World!

The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that is empowering children to transform the world.

Now it's your turn to inspire your child! 

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