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Glowing Bundle: Pumpus has a Glowing Idea! Workbook and STEM Activities

Pumpus Has a Glowing Idea is an inspiring story recommended by the NSTA (National Science Teaching Association) for kids ages 4-9.

Pumpus' limitless creativity and imagination will inspire budding young inventors to imagine their own ways to solve real-world problems.

Children will discover the problems and solutions together. 

Children learn how to navigate a hiking trail, what markers to look for and what to bring on their next adventure.


Learn to Find Directions Using a Map & Compass

  • A hands-on project to teach your child to find direction using a compass and a map.

  • Worksheets that will keep your child engaged independently.

  • Hands-on projects that will introduce children to navigation basics.

  • Digital App: Engage your children in different ways to listen, read, interact, and watch the story. 

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My son reads it over and over again and would come up with his own idea of inventions. 

H. Chou - Parent

Simplicity of the ideas and not too many words to discourage reluctant readers!

Ms. Cutler - Elementary School Teacher for the Gifted

This is a great book to teach kids to think on their feet and not give up when a problem arises. The illustrations are beautifully done and the story is well written. I read it with my two year old grandson and was thoroughly delighted. 

Tricia - Grandparent

It was a great way to get children interested in science plus the characters are adorable. 

Sarah - Parent

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Get them excited for your next outdoor ADVENTURE!

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