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Peeking Bundle: Pumpus has a Peeking Idea!  Workbook and Hands-on STEAM Activities

Discover the inspiring tale of 'Pumpus Has a Peeking Idea,' a captivating story recommended for children aged 4-10.

Within these pages, young readers embark on an imaginative journey where they not only witness Pumpus' limitless creativity but also learn valuable lessons about problem-solving. Through the magic of storytelling, children are introduced to the fascinating world of mirrors and the way they reflect light.

As they delve into the narrative, they join Pumpus in a hands-on adventure of building a periscope, unlocking the secrets of mirrors.

Together, children embark on a delightful exploration, discovering problems and collaborating on ingenious solutions to real-world challenges.

'Pumpus Has a Peeking Idea' nurtures young minds, encouraging them to dream big and think inventively while unraveling the mysteries of science.


Learn How Mirrors Work

  • Step-by-step guidance and age-appropriate instructions, children will assemble their own periscope using simple materials provided in the hands-on kit.

  • As they build their periscope, children will experience a sense of accomplishment and success.

  • They will witness firsthand how their efforts come together to create a functional device.

  • This hands-on approach fosters a sense of pride and encourages children to further explore the world of inventing and problem-solving.

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Love the story and hands-on kit!


Great story and students love the collaboration.

3rd Grade Elementary School Teacher

Great way to explore mirrors through storytelling.

5th Grade Elementary School Teacher

My daughter loved building the periscope and loved the cute story.


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Get them excited for your next outdoor ADVENTURE!

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