An Exciting And Innovative Platform For Educating Tomorrow’s Young Inventors

einsteinWhen was the last time we had an Einstein? An Edison? Or a Tesla?

Creativity, as we know, does not stem from a formal, conventional education. One of the ways we can foster creativity early in a child’s life, particularly at the early developmental ages of 5 and 6, is by describing how things work from a unique, simplistic, and imaginative perspective. My stories explain different inventions and scientific concepts from a 30,000 foot view, and in a way that children can understand.


girl_mag_glassesOur Mission

BOON-dah’s main focus is to explain inventions to elementary school children through stories that integrate imagination with science and technology. And it’s through these stories, that we can help develop, nurture, and grow the creativity in our children—and that’s the Boon-dah mission. BOON-dah builds and encourages that creativity by providing real world examples of inventions that have reshaped the world as we know it.


hugsMeet Pumpus and Pals

The lead character in BOON-dah’s stories is “Pumpus the Pumpkin.” He is this cute, little fella who happens to be a smart geek; and in each story, he solves a problem using concepts from an invention perspective. Pumpus and Praba have known each other for a long time and “Pumpus Has a Glowing Idea!” is the first story in a series of books Praba has written on the adventures of Pumpus and his pals.


Pumpus Has A Glowing Idea!

Our Vision

BOON-dah’s vision is to build an exciting platform that can be used by parents and educators to help develop and grow the type of creativity and curiosity our kids need to become tomorrow’s inventors. BOON-dah is more than a book, it is an opportunity to encourage our children to appreciate and discover the world around them; to ask questions; and, most importantly, to challenge them and foster their own creativity. Through these stories, we can encourage our next generation of inventors and scientists to make the technological discoveries and scientific advancements that will continue to advance our world. The world needs it and we want to help!
Join us on this exciting journey of educating tomorrow’s young inventors!