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Essential Classroom Tools and Resources For Both Parents and Teachers

Essential Classroom Tools and Resources For Both Parents and Teachers

Whether you are a teacher planning for how your new classroom will look like or a parent who has set up a class at home in the past few months, here are a few classroom essentials you might want to consider adding to your shelves (wooden and virtual!) for a variety of your education needs!

Let's take a look.


Face-to-face communication is essential for teaching when it comes to explaining concepts for students to understand what they are learning. Just because school is not in (physical) session, the quality of learning does not have to go.

You can use Flipgrid, Screencastify, and Google Classroom to make videos and hold discussions with your students. These are a the best virtual teaching resources you can use.

Practice, practice, practice!

One of the essentials parts of learning is practice, and there are some fun learning websites where you can find extra practice to help solidify your students’ learning.

You can buy practice worksheets and flashcards such as Spiral Math and ELA, Phonics Mats, and Toothy Task Cards at Teachers Pay Teachers.

You can have your students practice online using Khan Academy and IXL learning, where there are a variety of subjects and grade levels to choose from.

Kahoot is a fun way to create your own online quiz game that your kids can play. You can also find entertaining videos relating to different concepts at BrainPOP, which can help to reinforce lessons.

Teacher mom teaching from her laptop


Education involves an important triad of the student, teacher, and parents - communication between all three is key.

Easy-to-use applications such as Remind, ClassDojo, and SeeSaw are great to stay connected and send out reminders about assignments and share your students’ progress, as well as any questions they might have.


A teacher’s classroom is full of supplies and it can get messy pretty quick. Storing supplies in labeled supply boxes, storage kits, and a drawer storage cabinet is an easy way to quickly sort your supplies and find them later on. Plus, your students will know exactly where to return then when it is clean-up time!

Want to learn about another essential classroom tool? Check out Boon-Dah’s STEM Series which both teachers and parents can use to make STEM learning fun and applicable.

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