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Interactive Learning: An Effective Tool to Teach Children Through Storytelling

Interactive Learning: An Effective Tool to Teach Children Through Storytelling

Interactive learning is a hands-on and real-world approach to teaching. With course materials and technology, we can give our children an educational experience that helps them learn better.

According to Eric Mazur, Professor of Physics and Applied Physics at Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, interactive learning provides children with indispensable skills and will show how to successfully work in groups and collaborate.

What Is Interactive Learning?

Interactive learning is hands-on learning based on experimentation through trial and error, allowing students to participate in conversations, collaborations, and role-playing group exercises in a classroom. In contrast, passive learning relies on listening to teachers or rote memorization of information.

How Does Interactive Learning Help?

Interactive learning provides the foundation for critical thinking and problem solving through trial and error. This then would lay the process and groundwork for deeper learning to understand how things work. In essence, interactive learning helps children to ask open-ended questions through logic and reasoning as opposed to just restating memorized information.

STEM education for children

How Can One Implement Interactive Learning at Schools and Home?

Learning through storytelling is a powerful approach to help children learn new concepts especially when the stories contain real-world examples. Interactive games and puzzles are also great tools that help teach children skills like logic, creativity, or imaginative thinking.

Stimulating, interactive games can be used to teach basic skills like math, reading, and writing—or they can be used to teach soft skills like critical thinking, organization, and teamwork.

One such interactive platform that helps children learn STEM is through storytelling in the Boon-dah Learning System, which makes STEM learning approachable for kids.

Interactive Learning, STEM, and the Brain - What it's all about?

  • Interactive Learning is the process of learning through experience

  • We need to focus STEM education through hands-on experimentation whilst leveraging early brain development

  • By changing our approach to elementary education through Interactive Learning, we can plant the seeds of creativity in our children at an early age to inspire them to be "STEM smart"

To learn more about the Boon-dah Learning System and STEM - head over to our Interactive Learning page.

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